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Thursday, 28 April 2016 15:49

Understanding creativity through the lens of conflict Featured

by Ana-Maria Hojbota and Dr Ana Constantin.

(This article was originally published in the journal in 2013)

This research-based article comprises a fascinating exploration of the complex relationship between creativity and conflict. The authors point out that, although creativity has sometimes been seen as a catalyst for conflict, it can also be positively employed in conflict situations. This paper is in two parts, the first examines the impact of conflict on creative behaviour, the second looks at the ways in which creativity affects conflict whether positively or negatively. A particular strength of this paper is the way in which it addresses the complexity of this relationship head on. Useful suggestions for further research are also included.


The authors investigate the relationships between creativity and conflict, by exploring existing conceptualisations and deriving additional propositions suggested by the published literature. Respecting the biunivocal direction of the influences between conflict and creativity, the article has a twofold organisation: the first part focuses on the impact of conflict on creative behaviour, and the second one investigates the influences of creativity in approaching conflict situations. The results and trends in the area that intersect the two fields of research are commented upon, and a series of hypotheses about the nature of the alliance between the two are developed, directly or indirectly derived from the empirical studies and concurrent theoretical models.

Key words: creativity, conflict, affectivity

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Ana-Maria Hojbota

Dr Ana Maria Hojbotă is an educational psychologist, with an MA in Work and Organizational Psychology from the "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University, Iași, Romania. She recently completed her PhD at the same institution under the guidance of Professor Ana Constantin PhD. Ana Maria has worked in various research and intervention projects concerned with the evaluation and stimulation of academic motivation, persistence and self-regulation, with application to mainstream and special education. For her PhD thesis, she is studying naive theories of creativity and their correlates with the creative level and motivations for engaging in creative behaviour as individuals and in teams. Other areas of interest are epistemic emotions, the psychology of science and technology, intragroup conflict and group cognitive synergy.
Ana Maria is currently a member of the East-West European Research Group (EWER Group), a team of researchers established in Iași, interested in conducting cross-cultural research projects with partners from Western Europe, Eastern Europe and the Far East. She is also member of the Editorial Staff of The Romanian Journal of Artistic Creativity as Psychology Officer.

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