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Courageous operators

Fouzia Saeed
Courageous operators

Fouzia Saeed

Sep 12, 2016
Whilst at the UN heading the Gender Programme, I witnessed a lot of sexual harassment. We…
Africa Interactive
Courageous operators

Dr Titus Leber - Africa Interactive

Mar 14, 2016
In the 1990s a courageous operator called Titus Leber, from Austria, spent two years…
Courageous operators

Priyanka Tewari

Dec 14, 2015
I am a contemporary artist who loves to play around and mingle with colour. This is what…
Courageous operators

Joost Röselaers

Oct 09, 2014
It gives me great pleasure to share a conversation with Joost whose innovative work was…
Courageous operators

Rosanna Raymond

Jun 20, 2014
Before bird catching a little offering must be made, so it is here I must acknowledge my…
Courageous operators

K. Alexis Alatsis

May 15, 2014
While my passport would confirm that I'm a fifty years old Athenian, I understand myself…
Courageous operators

Rex Broekman

Feb 19, 2014
Courage is one of the essential qualities that we look for in our leaders, the courage to…

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