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Fouzia Saeed
Courageous operators

Fouzia Saeed

Sep 12, 2016
Whilst at the UN heading the Gender Programme, I witnessed a lot of sexual harassment. We…
Courageous operators

Joost Röselaers

Oct 09, 2014
It gives me great pleasure to share a conversation with Joost whose innovative work was…
Science and Technology

Dr Daniel Glaser

Jul 14, 2014
Later this year we will begin our Creative Cities series, which will look at Creative…
Women of Influence

Margriet Leemhuis

Apr 02, 2014
Power is often vested in those that are in the elite group within a profession. It is…
Science and Technology

Prof Boris Plahteanu talks about creativity and invention

Oct 30, 2013
Professor Boris Plahteanu was born in Bessarabia, in Chişinău, on September 22st 1941.…
Arts and Culture

Interview with Claire King - author of The Night Rainbow

Aug 15, 2013
If you have an ambition to become a writer, then all you need is a pencil and paper and…
Arts and Culture

Interview with Aili Vahtrapuu - Sculptor

Jun 24, 2013
Aili Vahtrapuu PhD, is a sculptor and scientist living in Tallinn, Estonia, and Paris,…
Arts and Culture

Helen Storey MBE - on Fashion, Science and Catalytic Clothing

Oct 23, 2012
Helen Storey MBE is Professor of Fashion and Science at the University of the Arts in…

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