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Health and Wellbeing

Self-compassion Focused Art Therapy Model for Suicidal Persons

Katrin Tibar, MA, Prof. Eha Rüütel, PhD, Prof. Airi Värnik, MD PhD
Abstract This study offers a theoretical intervention model that shows how increasing self-compassion can be beneficial in the treatment of persons with suicidal behavior and which art therapy therapeutic factors help to do so. The study was…
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Creative thinking programmes

A Review of Formal Creative Problem Solving Programmes

Dr Marilyn Fryer
At the Creativity Centre, we have been researching and delivering courses on creativity development for well over 20 years and we especially value informal creativity development which may happen by accident or design in educational institutions,…
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Creative Aging in the USA

Creative Aging with Quicksilver

Anthony Hyatt
What does creative aging look like? Music and movement brings people together. Musician and teaching artist, Anthony Hyatt, takes us into a day in the life of the Quicksilver dance company, a troupe comprised of older adults. Describing how he…
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Prof. Jiro Kawakita
Creativity in Japan

Introduction to KJ-Ho - a Japanese problem solving approach

Toshio Nomura
The KJ Ho (Method) is a creative thinking and problem solving methodology, which was originally invented by Japanese cultural anthropologist, Professor Jiro Kawakita (1920-2009). It has gone through over half a century’s development and refinement…
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Understanding the Impact of Parents and Teachers on the Development of Creativity

Amy K Hill, Amy Backos, Richard Carolan
Parents and teachers have a lasting impact on the development of creativity. Results of this narrative and art-based inquiry support the theory that positive and adverse interactions with parents and teachers create rippling effects that extend well…
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Creativity Research in Romania

Talent Promotion in Romania – National Survey of School Counselling Centres’ Staff

Dr Carmen Cretu and Dr Ana-Maria Hojbotă
Both creativity and talent are defined in many different ways. This paper provides a valuable insight into how talented Romanian students are currently being identified and their talents nurtured, as perceived mainly by school counsellors. Their…
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Creativity Around the World

The Real Creativity Crisis

Dr Mark Runco
There are many benefits to modern technology, but there are drawbacks as well, and several of these have a direct impact on creative potential. Because so many people use the internet, and in particular social media, any negative effects of internet…
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Arts and Culture

The Latvian Song and Dance festival: a strategic role for culture?

Bert Mulder
Bert Mulder reviews the Latvian Song and Dance Festival: The 2013 Latvian song and dance festival wasn't remarkable because its final concert lasted from 7 PM to 1.15am (!), but because after that singers and audience sang together until four in the…
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Health and Wellbeing

The contribution of creativity to human development in a new nation: a case study of Afalyca community art centre, Timor-Leste

Kim Dunphy
Abstract This article describes the contribution of creativity to human development in the new nation of Timor-Leste, exemplified in a case study of community art centre Afalyca. By taking a creative approach to the challenges of life in his…
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Fiction and Imagination in History Education

Milvi Martina Piir
Creativity in history classes The capacity to imagine is a key aspect of creativity and, in this paper, it is argued that it is this capacity which needs to be harnessed in history education for young people. Although the creation of fiction and the…
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