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Issue 6: Creativity Development in Practice

A Review of Formal Creative Problem Solving Programmes

Dr Marilyn Fryer
At the Creativity Centre, we have been researching and delivering courses on creativity development for well over 20 years and we especially value informal creativity development which may happen by accident or design in educational institutions, other…
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Extinction: A Power Tool to Source New Ideas

Stephen R Grossman
Essential to discovering and cultivating new ideas is the act of extinguishing the sources of old ideas that have failed to inspire solutions. New ideas can then be accessed in territories far removed from old hunting grounds. ‘The difficulty lies not so much…
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Future Problem Solving Program International and Creativity Perceptions of Adolescents

Ivete Azevedo et al
The Future Problem Solving Program International (FPSPI) is one of the most popular internationally implemented programs to promote creativity, problem solving, and future interest and orientation in adolescents. However, a recent evaluation of the program…
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The Kinetics of Inspiration: Accelerating Your Personal Creative Process to Solve Persistent Important Problems

Stephen R. Grossman
‘Thunder is good, thunder is impressive, but it is lightning that does the work’(Mark Twain) Most people create through the manipulation of mental images. Presented here is a technique to discover appropriate initial images, through a process that can yield…
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Design Like a Child: A Study on Creative Ideation Games Evoking Playfulness, Recklessness, and Humor

Bennett Nestok
This paper explains the role of childlike thinking and/or creativity within design thinking, It includes an account of an experiment involving creativity-inducing brainstorming games, inspired by games from childhood (e.g., Brainstorming Musical Chairs,…
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Creativity in Japan Today

Kenichi Yumino et al
In Japan, the word ‘creativity’ is often used to refer to the greatest talent and the works of special people such as a great scientist, writer, architect, painter or musician. The number of Nobel Prize winners who are recognised as greatest scientists has…
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