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Monday, 06 August 2012 22:40

Dr Susumu Kunifuji

Susumu Kunifuji is currently Vice-president of the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST), and Professor of the School of Knowledge Science of JAIST. He was the former President of the Japan Creativity Society, and known for pioneering Knowledge-based Systems and Creativity Support Systems. He is now the editor of the Journal of the Japan Creativity Society, the International Journal of Knowledge-based Intelligent Engineering Systems, and New Generation Computing. He is the author of many AI books on the Japanese Fifth Generation Computer Project.

Professor Kunifuji graduated from the Masters Course of Tokyo Institute of Technology and entered the International Institute for Advanced Study of Social Information Science, Fujitsu Ltd. He had been the chief researcher of the Institute of New Generation Computer Technology. After being a manager of Fujitsu Laboratory Ltd., he changed his job to Professor of the School of Information Science, JAIST. He served as the Director of Center for Information Science, the Director of Center for Knowledge Science, and the Dean of School of Knowledge Science of JAIST. He obtained his Doctor of Engineering from Tokyo Institute of Technology.

Professor Kunifuji’s research currently focuses on divergent thinking support systems, convergent thinking support systems, knowledge management support systems, and knowledge-based groupware. As he holds the Chair of Creativity Support Systems in JAIST, his lab’s motto is ‘Imagine and Create!’

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