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Monday, 06 August 2012 12:25

Lilian Dabdoub Alvarado

Lilian is a Mexican Psychologist who has specialized in creativity since graduating from the Autonomous National Mexican University (UNAM), where she has taught in the School of Psychology for 31 years. She has a Masters Degree in Educational Communication from the Latin-American Institute for Educational Communication, Mexico, and a Masters in Creativity from Santiago de Compostela University, Spain. She is currently undertaking a Doctoral Degree at the Institute of Education, London. Her research focuses on the competencies required by higher education teachers for fostering students’ creativity.

Lilian is an independent consultant and Director of Dabdoub-Soluciones Creativas. Formerly Academic Director of the National Center of Arts, Mexico, she is currently Director of Instructional Design and Development at a private university involved in the design of innovative blended and online programs. She has published nationally and internationally. Her work has been presented in Mexico, Spain, Portugal, the USA and the UK and she is a member of the Spanish Creativity Association (Asocrea).

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