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Alison Milner


I am a programme coordinator in Higher Education (HE) in a College in the South West of England. I have worked in HE for 14 years lecturing on a range of Education courses including Foundation Degrees, BA tops ups in Early Years, Teaching and Learning and the PGCE. Tutoring a range of students on various academic programmes courses has allowed me the privilege to get to know the students I teach. As such, various projects have stemmed from initial discussions with students about their interest in the subjects I teach, these include academic writing, the benefits for personal and professional development leading to academic confidence building. I am currently collaborating with a fellow college higher education professional on the benefits of writing for the development of academic confidence with other projects on the horizon. I am currently working on a project that focuses on the benefits of feedback, identifying the ways in which students are supported. This is the first collaborative project with students I have conducted. I am interested in academic identity in College Higher Education, which is the focus for my PhD. Twitter: @Amilner29



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