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Tuesday, 14 May 2024 12:18

Art therapy and suicide prevention

During doctoral studies at Tallinn University, Katrin Tibar investigated the effects of self-compassionate thinking in patients with mood disorders, specifically in people with suicidal thoughts. In her research, Katrin used a combination of art therapy and self-compassion concept. She saw that art therapy and self-compassion concept complement each other perfectly and give good opportunities to combine. 

It turned out that when acquiring a self-compassionate way of thinking, novel and creative solutions for dealing with one's situation arise even when pondering the fragile topics of life and death. Katrin was interested in identifying therapeutic factors behind the art-therapy process for cultivating self-compassion and overcoming suicidality.  

Katrin was supported in dealing with this fragile target group by the leading Estonian suicidologist Prof. Airi Värnik and the founder of the Department of Art Therapies of Tallinn University, Prof. Eha Rüütel. Katrin Tibar has graduated Tallinn University in Psychology and later in Art Therapy and continued her studies in doctoral studies at Tallinn University's Institute of Natural Sciences and Health. Compassion-based interventions used in modern psychotherapy are secular, but their roots originate in the Buddhist tradition, which has been of great interest to Katrin. Katrin was interested in whether self-attacking thoughts and behavior can be turned into supportive ones by activating compassion towards self. This is where Katrin's deepened interest in the effect of compassion began and led to research. 
Read the results of Katrin's research here.

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