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Issue 2: Creativity around the world


Creativity for Development - open access online course

Website Editor
Creativity for Development (Crea4dev) is a new open access course from UNITAR. This short course is…
Arts and Culture

Japan - Theatre, respect, permanence and contradictions

Alexander Devereux
As a young artist who makes large installations, sculptures and paintings revolving around…

Understanding the Impact of Parents and Teachers on the Development of Creativity

Amy K Hill, Amy Backos, Richard Carolan
Parents and teachers have a lasting impact on the development of creativity. Results of this…
Arts and Culture

Territories of Indigenous arts leadership

Dr Michelle Evans
My name is Michelle Evans. I was born and raised in the Hunter Valley, NSW Australia and work in…
Creativity Around the World

The Real Creativity Crisis

Dr Mark Runco
There are many benefits to modern technology, but there are drawbacks as well, and several of these…
Arts and Culture

The Funeral Blanket

Louise Profeit-LeBlanc
Equilibrium is the mother of creativity and innovation her child. As humans, we are continuously…

Changing How We Interact with the Printed Word

Diane Kessenich
The year was 40,000 BC and the artist(s) unknown. But here in the Aurignacian caves in Spain, the…

Creativity Implementation in Teaching

Aurelie Boulos
What are the factors contributing to the constraints on creativity implementation in teaching…
Science and Technology

Dr Daniel Glaser

Venu Dhupa
Later this year we will begin our Creative Cities series, which will look at Creative Cities in the…
Health and Wellbeing

Art in Aging: How Identity as an Artist can Transcend the Challenges of Aging

Dr Raquel Chapin Stephenson
This article is based on a qualitative study that examines the creative experience of three women…

Students' Perceptions Regarding the Expression of Creativity in Post-Soviet Estonian Society

Dr Eda Heinla
The central question of the current article concerns students' opinions on the manifestation of…
Arts and Culture

Artists' Practice and Creative Development

Dr Marilyn Fryer
Here at the Creativity Centre we have just completed a project with artists in our local area.…
Arts and Culture

Art is a Dynamic Relationship with the Environment

Chris Fremantle
A quiet region of Scotland is building a reputation (and tourism) through art that connects nature…

Understanding creativity through the lens of conflict

Ana-Maria Hojbota
by Ana-Maria Hojbota and Dr Ana Constantin. This research-based article comprises a fascinating…
Arts and Culture

The Importance of the Arts in a Changing World

Venu Dhupa
Earlier this year I gave the Annual Crichton Carbon Centre Lecture at the Crichton Campus in…

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