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Dr Anne Riggs

Dr Anne Riggs

Anne Riggs is a visual artist

I paint, work in clay, construct, draw, take photos, work with mosaics and make videos. I practise my art in many ways and places – in the studio, in the community, through the writing and publication of papers, teaching, through community and public art projects and professional development training. I have exhibited widely.

I was awarded a PhD from Victoria University, Melbourne for research into the effects of arts practice on recovery after trauma, loss and grief (sexual abuse) and a Master of Fine Arts from the Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne for research into the artist's response into the impacts of the First World War. I have built much of my creative life upon the artist's role in expressing and responding to the most profound human experiences.

My research into trauma, grief and loss has led to acclaimed installation exhibitions that speak to those profound feelings which are so hard to describe in words. I continue to work closely with victims of sexual abuse and family violence.

Creativity is an inherent human trait, education a human right and play is one of the UN Conventions for the Rights of the Child. These are the cornerstones of our creative practice with marginalized communities. Each time we travel to Asia we spend some or most of our time running visual and performing arts projects – we find them an exhilarating way to enter the life of a community, as well as an opportunity to share our skills. Sometimes we are part of an NGO sponsored program, other times guests of a foundation or educational institution and sometimes we respond to impromptu invitations.

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