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Wednesday, 21 June 2017 13:17

Improving Quality of Life for People with Dementia through Dance/Movement Therapy Featured

How can dance and movement re-ignite the soul of a person with dementia? It’s all in the movement. Through case vignettes and broad expertise, dance/movement therapist, Donna Newman-Bluestein, illustrates the power of non-verbal communication for people who have dementia through dance/movement therapy. 


‘Sometimes art achieves what therapy, medicine, or the best care of health professionals cannot. Sometimes art even achieves something that’s beyond the best intentions of the artist. These moments can feel like little miracles when they happen, but they are usually instances of art functioning as it normally does: inspiring motivation, engaging parts of people’s bodies or brains that they haven’t been using, or allowing them to transcend their environments for a little while.’

Liz Lerman (Newman-Bluestein & Hill, 2010, p. 24.)

It may be difficult to imagine a connection between dance and older adults who are fragile and limited by age-related challenges. This article will paint a portrait of one dance/movement therapist’s work with older adults and people with dementia and why dance, expressive movement and dance/movement therapy are such effective media for improving the quality of life (QoL) for people with dementia.

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