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Katyana Kozikowska

Katyana Kozikowska

Katyana Kozikowska is the Creative Manager for Eden Court Theatre, she is responsible for Eden Court's arts education programme in-house and across the Highland region. Katyana also develops and delivers Eden Court CREATIVE's events programme, and creative consultancy for the business sector.

She trained in TV, Film and Theatre studies at Artts International, York and previously worked as the Eden Court Theatre Arts Worker for Skye and Lochalsh for 8 years developing the theatre arts within the community.

Katyana also has a strong interest in film and was a writer/director on the Digicult short film scheme in 2009, which seeks emerging talent in Scotland. She has experience as an actress and events manager and has also directed many theatre shows for the Isle of Skye Youth Theatre and Eden Court's winter show for under 5's each year.

Two years ago, Calum, a 13 year old boy on the autistic spectrum would not have been walking along the River Ness making his way to the theatre to attend an animation class. He would not have had the confidence, the trust or the opportunity. The same could be said of Laura, a 21 year old student, who at age 9 lost her mother to cancer. The grief that followed led to destructive behaviour, a decrease in her self esteem and an eventual suspension from school. It was only when they took advantage of creative opportunities offered by their local theatre, Eden Court, that their confidence increased and their artistic passions were fuelled and developed.

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