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Monday, 01 December 2014 22:55

Changing How We Interact with the Printed Word

The year was 40,000 BC and the artist(s) unknown. But here in the Aurignacian caves in Spain, the first evidence was recently found of human beings leaving their thoughts for others. Some 20,000 years elapsed when in the remote caves of Lascaux, France more drawings were recently discovered. These drawings were well executed, showing not only the ability to create color pigments, but also the placement on the rocks depicting an understanding of perspective that was very sophisticated. The ability to critically analyze and problem solve is indeed evident in these unique drawings from humankind's early stages. Most importantly, their need not only to express themselves¸ but to communicate to others their thoughts in a more lasting way was a significant find.

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We are delighted to introduce Diane Kessenich, Founder Member of Creativity & Human Development and New York publisher who totally shares our creative vision for the journal and the work of our charity, CCET. Diane has many creative achievements. These include the development of a stand-alone Curriculum Learning Management System (Read & Click & Learn) which can be accessed globally. Much earlier, she published the annual Creativity's Global Correspondents, edited by Morris I Stein, Emeritus Professor (Psychology) New York University – a means of enabling creativity researchers and others all over the world to easily share what was happening in their countries in the area of creativity. We value her enthusiasm, her wisdom and her support and we warmly welcome her.

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