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Caroline Fryer Bolingbroke

Caroline Fryer Bolingbroke

Caroline is a Co-editor of Creativity & Human Development and also the website editor. A director of The Creativity Centre UK Ltd and former Chief Executive of The Creativity Centre Educational Trust, she has been working in the field of creativity development for 16 years. Since joining Marilyn to set up the Creativity Centre, Caroline has written and contributed to many creativity articles and books, including Creativity & Cross Cultural Differences for the Encyclopedia of Creativity 2nd Edition.

She has carried out a number of research projects, including several focussing on the positive benefits of cultural diversity to creativity. At the Creativity Centre Educational Trust, Caroline has developed and run workshops and training for children and teachers, including the highly acclaimed Science Alliance project in which pupils learned about ethnic minority scientists and science careers by creating their own website. Caroline helped develop some of the first ever online learning materials about creativity for SMEs and the UK government. She has presented at international conferences including CPSI (Creative Problem Solving Institute) and also organised the first international Creativity & Cultural Diversity international conference, featuring key creativity pioneers from around the world.

Before joining the Creativity Centre, Caroline worked in film & television production and also taught this to college students. Her interest in website development started in 1998 when she set up her college's first ever website.

If you have an ambition to become a writer, then all you need is a pencil and paper and some determination. Find a network to support you – Twitter can be a huge help. Don't give up. If you are a reader and you give The Night Rainbow a try, I'd love to hear how you get on with it. After all, in the end it's you I wrote it for...

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