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Registration will be opening soon for CPSI Conference 2022, taking place June 26-30. First time attendees will learn practical skills and tools to help access their creativity and solve problems more effectively, both at work and at home. Returnees will continue to focus on the industry’s most pressing issues. CPSI offers a refreshed sense of purpose, enlightened perspectives, a community of like-minded individuals, and the freedom to explore new ideas. #creativity #innovation #leadership #career #conference #CreativeProblemSolving

Monday, 11 May 2020 12:16

E Paul Torrance tribute book

This book, edited by Fredericka K Reisman, comprises a valuable series of insights into the life and work of E Paul Torrance and his incredible contribution to creativity education and development. In the preface, James Ogunleye describes him as ‘One man whose passion, interest, teaching and research on creativity towered above the rest of us like a colossus’.

The various chapters comprise as series of unique accounts of Paul Torrance’s achievements illustrated by personal memories of him as an individual – this great and humble man.

We are grateful to James Ogunleye for allowing us to include a link to this book in our e-journal. To read the book for free as a pdf click here.

Wednesday, 26 February 2020 12:38

Alison Milner


I am a programme coordinator in Higher Education (HE) in a College in the South West of England. I have worked in HE for 14 years lecturing on a range of Education courses including Foundation Degrees, BA tops ups in Early Years, Teaching and Learning and the PGCE. Tutoring a range of students on various academic programmes courses has allowed me the privilege to get to know the students I teach. As such, various projects have stemmed from initial discussions with students about their interest in the subjects I teach, these include academic writing, the benefits for personal and professional development leading to academic confidence building. I am currently collaborating with a fellow college higher education professional on the benefits of writing for the development of academic confidence with other projects on the horizon. I am currently working on a project that focuses on the benefits of feedback, identifying the ways in which students are supported. This is the first collaborative project with students I have conducted. I am interested in academic identity in College Higher Education, which is the focus for my PhD. Twitter: @Amilner29


Wednesday, 26 February 2020 12:32

Iain Burns


Iain has a 50-year highly successful track record in creativity, with early work in music, painting and performing arts. He studied Engineering Design at the University of Bath winning a National Student Design Prize. His career began designing nuclear power stations. At 26, he was one of the lead designers of the pioneering World's first air-cooled Nuclear Fuel Store in Wales.

IBM headhunted Iain as one of the UK best young Engineering Designers to demonstrate advanced CAD CAM systems. He worked with design teams in Automotive, Ships, Bridges, Manufacturing, Trucks, Nuclear Power, Consumer Goods and more. His IBM career took him from heading the UK Geographic Information Systems team into sales of Large Systems, creating complex proposals up to $40M in every private and public sector. Iain led marketing teams in the UK and Europe for $12Bn revenue before leading the global IBM effort to create the largest sales process for 120,000 sales people in over 100 countries with benefits over $1Bn/Year.

Iain is now a private Consultant and Mentor in such diverse areas as Process Design, Sustainability (created world's first report demonstrating how more IT could reduce global emissions 15%), Green Data Centres, Product Innovation, IT, HPC, Web Design, App Development and Marine/other Inventions. A leader in creativity, Iain has always had a passion for growing teams’ creativity capabilities as well as for his photography and teaching advanced sailing and navigation.


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