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Monday, 02 September 2013 22:45

Creativity Live: Synectics in action

Our Creativity Live Synectics experiment is now concluded - have a look below to see how Synectics works and see how it helped our problem owner, Denise Salmon...

How it worked

We had an opportunity for readers to apply their creative problem-solving abilities to a real live problem. Denise Salmon from Jamaica agreed to present her problem as ‘Problem Owner’ and we asked readers to act as resources/helpers by contributing their thoughts under the ‘suspend judgement’ convention.

Published in Creativity live

As you can see from Creativity Live, Denise has a passion for writing, especially for children, and a passion for Jamaica, especially its natural environment, and she has combined these in her work. Indeed, she sees an affinity with the natural environment as an important source of creativity. Another source of creativity, she has noted, is the determination some people have to make the best use of what they have when resources are scarce.

Denise began writing when recovering from a terrible road accident (read about it here) and here she talks about her work and family:

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