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Monday, 24 June 2013 13:17

Never standing still

We’ve received some fantastic material for our current theme, Creativity around the World, from all over the world, which we’re constantly uploading. But we don’t intend to stand still, so we’re now inviting you to submit material for our third theme, the Development of Creativity. Once again we’ve already received some great stuff, but there’s still an opportunity to submit work for consideration. We welcome academic papers, features, news items, opinion pieces and artwork so, if you’re interested, please have a look at the author guidelines and then contact us to let us know what you have in mind.

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Tuesday, 04 June 2013 23:38

Our competition winner!

Some months ago, before the journal was launched, we sent out a questionnaire to find out what people might want from it. All the respondents were entered in a free draw and one was chosen at random to win a free annual subscription to the journal. We're delighted to announce that the winner of the competition is Dr Mariana Caluschi, Professor in the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences at Petre Andrei University in Iasi, Romania. Many people don't realise that there is a strong tradition of creativity research in Romania, in fact many of our site visitors are Romanian. Dr Caluschi is the author of several creativity books including The Small Group and Creativity andThe Creative Group: experiments, programs, projects both published in 2001 by Cantes Publishing, Iaşi. We're delighted to welcome her to our growing community of subscribers!

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Thursday, 14 February 2013 22:27

Call for papers, features and other material

We've received some fascinating material which we'll be using to expand Creativity Exploded over the next few weeks and after that, we'll start uploading material on our second theme which focuses on Creativity in Different Cultures and Countries and how this translates into initiatives, policies or other activities. We've already accepted some really interesting copy from all over the world, but we want to see even more countries and cultural groups represented. So if you have an idea for an article, feature or other material on this theme, please get in touch as soon as possible.

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Thursday, 14 February 2013 21:21

Thank you for your feedback!

‘The journal looks terrific and makes a great change from many of the journals that you see these days.’

We've been delighted by the many kind comments we've received about this journal since its launch a few weeks ago. We really appreciate the enthusiasm and support of everyone who has responded. So it does look as if we are on the right track and that so far we have got the mix of popular and academic material on the site about right.

'Articles are very interesting, especially fascinating the approach of covering so many research and application fields of creativity.’

But this is just the beginning – we've got lots of ideas for the future. We'd also really like to hear from you about what else you'd like to see featured and the topics you'd like to see addressed. So please let us know! You can use comments below, or send us a message. Don't forget to sign up for our Facebook page and Twitter feed to see all the latest updates on the site.

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