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Tuesday, 19 April 2016 00:09

Creative Children Like the Animals of the World Featured

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Michelle has a passion for supporting and enabling children’s creativity and she has created this book with that very much in mind. Her interactive book provides many opportunities for children to write, paint and draw - stimulated by stories, poems, and her own very individual artwork. These are supplemented with interesting sections of relevant information.
This book would appeal especially to children of junior age (circa. 7-10 years). Many will be able to undertake the activities with little or no adult support, others may benefit from this and from seeing photographs of the creatures they are invited to draw. To an extent this depends on their country of origin. For example, children in the US may well know exactly what a zebra finch looks like whilst UK children could struggle with that. Alternatively, they could be encouraged to invent their own version.

Nevertheless, this book has a great deal to commend it. I particularly like the way in which children are invited to become equal partners in completing its contents and to have their contribution acknowledged by an invitation to sign their names alongside the author’s. Equally powerful is the way in which the book enables children to deepen their understanding of the natural world in an effortless way and develop their artistic skills. More than this it is a book which encourages them to question, to imagine and to express that imagination productively - thus helping them develop their creative abilities.

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  • Author: Michelle Korenfeld
  • ISBN: 9781503377943
  • No. of pages: 145
  • Date of publication: Tuesday, 19 April 2016
  • Reviewed by: Dr Marilyn Fryer
  • Publisher: Michelle Korenfeld
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Dr Marilyn Fryer

Marilyn is a Director of the Creativity Centre UK Ltd, and Chief Executive of the Creativity Centre Educational Trust - a voluntary role. A chartered psychologist and author, her work has been presented and published internationally.

Marilyn enjoys talking about creativity education in the UK. This was the theme of her keynote presentations at the Annual Meeting of the Japanese Association of Educational Psychology in Shizuoka, Japan; the Torrance Lecture Series, Athens, Georgia; and the International Forum on Creativity at the opening of the Nobel Prize Centennial Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur where she was also a panel member for Forging the Creative Agenda for Malaysia. Marilyn has also undertaken consultancy on the development of creativity for various government bodies in the UK and overseas.

Before co-founding the Creativity Centre with Caroline, Marilyn spent much of her career in the university sector undertaking research and teaching creativity education, developmental and cognitive psychology. At Leeds Metropolitan University, where she was Reader in Psychology, she set up the cross-university Centre for Innovation and Creativity (CIC) as well as devising and delivering a series of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in applied creativity, supervising research and undertaking her own research into creativity in education.

One of the things Marilyn most enjoys is meeting people from all over the world and collaborating with them to create publications and learning resources in the area of creativity and human development, which is one reason why she enjoys being an editor of this journal.
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