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Tuesday, 04 June 2013 23:38

Our competition winner!

Some months ago, before the journal was launched, we sent out a questionnaire to find out what people might want from it. All the respondents were entered in a free draw and one was chosen at random to win a free annual subscription to the journal. We're delighted to announce that the winner of the competition is Dr Mariana Caluschi, Professor in the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences at Petre Andrei University in Iasi, Romania. Many people don't realise that there is a strong tradition of creativity research in Romania, in fact many of our site visitors are Romanian. Dr Caluschi is the author of several creativity books including The Small Group and Creativity andThe Creative Group: experiments, programs, projects both published in 2001 by Cantes Publishing, Iaşi. We're delighted to welcome her to our growing community of subscribers!

Have a look below at this brand new video from Synectics Education Initiative. 'Build - Don't Criticise' is Part One of a series of videos currently being developed.

Thanks to our Review Panel member Vincent Nolan for sharing this with us.

Saturday, 18 May 2013 02:00

Positive feedback from Conexion Dracula

We're delighted to hear from Andres Maduro that there has been a great response from six different nationalities to their invitation to their 2013 Conexion Dracula artists' retreat in Panama. This, he says, includes some really talented artists. You will be able to hear more about Conexion Dracula in an article by him coming soon, along with a gallery of artists' work.

The nature of education is rapidly changing across the world. New curricula and new approaches to teaching and learning; the changing social conditions which children and young people are growing up within; the technical and environmental challenges we all face: all these produce extraordinary pressures on the values, purposes and role of education on teachers and young people alike.
All Our Futures is Aspire's annual conference for international head teachers. The programme aims to introduce pedagogical practices which are being applied at various levels in international schools by providing participants with exclusive, intense immersive experiences in schools and to generate unique, high quality insights into teaching and learning.
We hope that you can join us to develop our mutual work, our shared conversations and our engaged presences which will lead us to constructing positive visions for our future generations of children and learners.

Dr Nick Owen, MBE, Director of Aspire Creative Enterprises

You can download the conference brochure using the link below. 20% discount if you book before the end of May!


October 21 - November 19, 2013

4 week intensive lab with final demonstration/work-in-progress at Russian repertory theatre

Only several spots are available for international participants.

The four-week Lab in Russia is inviting experienced performers from different parts of the world with strong background and versatile skills seeking international network opportunities to find new collaborators and to start new projects. Discover, create and exchange the boldest ideas for contemporary performance together with colleagues from Russia and different countries!

The working languages are English and Russian.
Russian Visa support and inexpensive accommodation are organized for participants.
The nearest international airport - Moscow Domodedovo Airport.

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