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Dr Lynda Foster

Dr Lynda Foster Dr Lynda Foster

Lynda was born in the United States of America. After receiving her BA at Washington University and after many years’ interest in a more creative education, in 1972 she journeyed to the University of Georgia to study with Dr E Paul Torrance, a world authority on the subject. There she received her MA and PhD with the guidance of Dr Torrance. Her main speciality was helping all children become more creative and imaginative and ensuring that the well-being of creatively gifted children was catered for in schools.

Since moving to England in 1977, she worked at the American School in London setting up a programme for the gifted children there. She also began lecturing to parents and teachers who were interested in learning more about creativity and she ran workshops for children. Since moving to Manchester, she has continued her work with parents, teachers and children.